Saturday, March 1, 2014

Stadium series part 4

Girl in white coat now alone guy is missing?
I am thinking about when i didnt know if i was full enough. I ask karen if i should eat more.
Pittsburg penguins coach wearing hat not matching stocking cap with players like coach q.
Toews goal instant replay reversed call

Stadium series part 5

Hockey I am sitting in black leather seat. Just became first intermission. Cold wind snow. Are these people happy? So much conversation so many voices. There are even stadium series disposable cups. Lady in white coat with her husband looks so distracted. They are not talking. Sequins on her black boots.
Mom with daughter mom looks old not speaking either. Her makeup heavy wont smile.
Tables are brown with chrome trim. Carpeting is gray and royal blue. White lights above me.
Trying to listen to voices. I have headache.

Stadium Series 6

Blackhawks game Soldier Field Chicago United Club third floor. Hawks winning 1-0. Snowing heavy cold windy. Severe glare from lights. Hot chocolate and soft pretzel.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Negative Beliefs

The Top 10 Self-Limiting Beliefs:

1. I’m too old
2. I’m not smart enough 
3. I’m not educated enough
4. I’m afraid of trying and failing
5. You have to have money to make money
6. I've already tried everything
7. It's selfish of me to want more
8. I don’t feel that I really deserve it
9. I don't have the willpower
10. All the good ones are taken

Monday, May 28, 2012

poem 2

I said: "The desert is so wide!"
I said: "The desert is so bare!
What springs to quench my thirst are there?
Whence shall I from the tempest hide?"
I said: "The desert is so lone!
Nor gentle voice, nor loving face
Will brighten any smallest space."
I paused or ere my moan was done!
I heard a flow of hidden springs;
Before me palms rose green and fair;
The birds were singing; all the air
Did shine and stir with angels' wings!
And One said mildly: "Why, indeed,
Take over-anxious thought for that
The morrow bringeth! See you not
The Father knoweth what you need?"