Monday, July 28, 2014

I want to live

I am typing just to document time. I want to live. I feel everything restored. I gave up on getting married I found man that loves me and it really isnt enough. I had boss threatened to fire me just because he can 14 years later. I just called off took a day for myself. I sucked cock on Saturday not for very long. But I got over that fear. I am safe its warm and quiet I have fan on cinnamon candle burning and internet drinking gatorade . 12 days ago I started my period two weeks early the stress man that loves me car accident brain was bleeding. I never wanted to take care of my mom and nana. Was forced on me. Step father who forced me to masturbate him at age 12 has me making every medical decision for hi before he died. I dont care that I left man that fucked me took my virginity he was an asshole. I forgave me for leaving I seen him in restaurant and I hid. I got on airplane last year I had fear of flying. I went on rollercoaster in 2007. I want to live. I dont want to drive anymore. I am never having sex but I dont have to if I will suck cock. I cheat I dont like monogamy its a waste of time. Please no haters. I believe in Jesus Christ did rise from the grave he didnt stay dead. Just wanted to document time I felt some peace Cheers Teresa


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