Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Peace Finding Joy Quote

Osha say
Sitting silently doing nothing spring comes and grass grows by itself.


The Daily Flame

There is enough.Right now there is enough and there is no lack.All of your needs are met.

From a place of plenty you will continue to pull plenty.

From a place of lack you will continue to lack.

Your well is overflowing, my love

Spilling over with gratitude

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Wonderful Life Moment
Okay I use Google Search to verify everything
What if I wasnt there and really none of business info got updated. No body really picked up the slack and just did it. Go ahead google your name everyone of my search results first page is true.I chose to leave on June 21 2003 First day of summer. I stayed until October 3 okay the cubs were in playoffs I didnt want to leave. Last day of sex 10/4/2005 White Sox first playoff game.

I am alive !!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Forgiveness is Real

It doesn’t matter what you have done.
Jesus can bring you forgiveness.

This can be something that is very hard to grasp sometimes-
- especially when you feel weighed down by guilt. 

But if God has forgiven you-
- then you have every reason to forgive yourself too. 

You have been washed clean. 

Money No Use

character_Older_Guy.png (170×373)afd-117823.jpg (361×425)Selected Clipart:

"I got to bring it with me after all ... so where's your bank?"

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Friday, August 8, 2014


Eagles get police escort on way to soldier field in buses at 3:30pm
Awesone never seen before

Monday, July 28, 2014

I want to live

I am typing just to document time. I want to live. I feel everything restored. I gave up on getting married I found man that loves me and it really isnt enough. I had boss threatened to fire me just because he can 14 years later. I just called off took a day for myself. I sucked cock on Saturday not for very long. But I got over that fear. I am safe its warm and quiet I have fan on cinnamon candle burning and internet drinking gatorade . 12 days ago I started my period two weeks early the stress man that loves me car accident brain was bleeding. I never wanted to take care of my mom and nana. Was forced on me. Step father who forced me to masturbate him at age 12 has me making every medical decision for hi before he died. I dont care that I left man that fucked me took my virginity he was an asshole. I forgave me for leaving I seen him in restaurant and I hid. I got on airplane last year I had fear of flying. I went on rollercoaster in 2007. I want to live. I dont want to drive anymore. I am never having sex but I dont have to if I will suck cock. I cheat I dont like monogamy its a waste of time. Please no haters. I believe in Jesus Christ did rise from the grave he didnt stay dead. Just wanted to document time I felt some peace Cheers Teresa


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Monday, May 19, 2014


I love riding the el. I am grand and milwaukee.
I seat in back by emergency door. Subway.
Blue lights on walls

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Resurrection Quote

Had Satan known that a resurrection and ascension were ahead- - he would have done all in his power to keep Jesus alive.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


1. I am unique and important.  2. I possess unlimited potential.  3. I boldly take action to achieve the highest and best expression of my self.  4. I am on a journey to realize my greatest potential.  5. I am a divine being and my possibilities are endless.  6. Greatness is within me, I see greatness within myself.  7. I am whole & complete, just as I am.  8. My inner vision is always clear and focused.  9. My life positively impacts the Universe.  10. I create the world around me.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ash Wednesday 2014

Prayers During Lent “Please be unafraid, these forty days! During these Forty Days of Lent, my Son will give you His greatest gift.Lenten Cross He will show you through His pain and His sacrifice and death, how much He loves you, and wants salvation for you.”

Monday, March 3, 2014

Stanley Cup

Blackhawks Cup and me


Late so late leaving station two hours late. View of sears tower now. Still in city 2 hours 10 minutes late. I have internet now woo hoo.

Doorman Ontario Street

Thank you kind sir for being a gentleman. Going to get me a cab with no gloves on below zero wind shield. I am now safe. Dont know building or name but prayed for you helping me.


Rock and roll mcdonalds is just mcdonalds playing sad country songs odd. Chicago Ontario street

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blues Chicago

Live blues music. My bartender working. Cold outside.
They have neon blue chicago guitar sign on wall. Really cold inside. Bartender still has on baseball hat he remembered me.
Band on break. Across from rainforest cafe restaurant.

Oscar viewing party1

Had my picture taken for cheeky with lady i am standing with.
Watching oscars on twitter.

Sequins lady won for best dress

Oscar viewing party2

. I am standing with girls now. Ellen just came out ita starting. Tiara really.
So really everyone just watches tv.

Oscar viewing party3

She wore jeans really with high heels!!
Could she wear that dress any tighter??
I got my own table and clear candle. Guy wearing kackys really?
She wore sequins tank top he is standing there texting really?
If i write on paper i am freak loner texting same info makes me cool kid really?
Guy bald looks so scared standing there really??
Best dressed contest really

Oscar viewing party4

Looks like al capone bar from the 1920's. Everyone dressed up. Lady in front me wearing all sequins long gown. Waitors wear red suspenders red and black stripe ties.
Petticoat dress really? They have screens displaying the oscars. Alcohal bottles really four rows high use ladder to reach bottles. Lady attendant for bathroom. Women are not talking to others. Coat check mandatory $2 cash. Sequins tank top really? 
Chicken pieces served free. She just called his date an assistant that was mean

Oscar viewing party5

Chicago 111 kinze Untiled bar

Stadium Series Starting line up 1

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Stadium series 2

Start of three period 3-0
Blackhawks winning
Sharp #10 goal
Toews second goal
Jeremy roenick announcing on nbc.
Some kind guy just gave me hand warmers for my gloves.

Stadium series 3

Girl in white coat now alone guy is missing?
I am thinking about when i didnt know if i was full enough. I ask karen if i should eat more.
Pittsburg penguins coach wearing hat not matching stocking cap with players like coach q.
Toews goal instant replay reversed call

Stadium series part 4

Girl in white coat now alone guy is missing?
I am thinking about when i didnt know if i was full enough. I ask karen if i should eat more.
Pittsburg penguins coach wearing hat not matching stocking cap with players like coach q.
Toews goal instant replay reversed call

Stadium series part 5

Hockey I am sitting in black leather seat. Just became first intermission. Cold wind snow. Are these people happy? So much conversation so many voices. There are even stadium series disposable cups. Lady in white coat with her husband looks so distracted. They are not talking. Sequins on her black boots.
Mom with daughter mom looks old not speaking either. Her makeup heavy wont smile.
Tables are brown with chrome trim. Carpeting is gray and royal blue. White lights above me.
Trying to listen to voices. I have headache.

Stadium Series 6

Blackhawks game Soldier Field Chicago United Club third floor. Hawks winning 1-0. Snowing heavy cold windy. Severe glare from lights. Hot chocolate and soft pretzel.